On the Productivity of Being


As I sit it comes to mind,

that doing nothing is divine;

Simply Being is God’s design,

attending to the moment.


Some object and say, “Doing is good,”

“at least striving gets us somewhere.”

But being “there” when we are here,

keeps our mind unclear.


Unclear because it’s here we are;

“There” is but a thought.

Thoughts flow upon the screen of mind,

But real, “there” is not.


For much more real is the witness of the screen;

Much more real is “who” I really mean;

The “who” who is the seer of the seen,

“That” is the most real of all.


Without my arm, I still exist;

Without my seer,  no thought is witnessed;

Without the witness, all being desists;

Without which “I” would not be at all.


So I go forth from my being whose being is real,

Doing my life as fate does its deal;

Being my being as my witness reveals,

Partaking with the graces of existence.