This world's so full of dogma,

            and creeds of prejudice.

Me, I try to love all life, 

            and strive to share some bliss.


In my Church flows the blood of Life,

            given for all eyes to see.

For I was blessed by being a Temple,

            so the church might flow through me.


The Spirit shines through my Church, 

            so does the Holy Word.

As, I was given my hands to give with,

            and a voice to praise the Lord.


In my heart lies a sanctuary, 

            filled with prayer and peace.

Thus I may provide a bosom of comfort,

            for souls that need release.


And in my head burns the eternal flame, 

            with rays of the rainbow spectrum.

Lending light to the world, 

            so I might perceive its perceptions.


Thus I need no priest to bless me, 

            for I am blessed by being divine.

Like you and others, and all life forms,

            our hearts beat of the heavenly wine.