My Bodhisattva Vow


I donít know what other people mean,

But I can define what I mean.

A vow is a disciplined commitment to an ideal;

A hope to believe and behave in some way.


A bodhisattva is one who understands that we are all interdependent;

That thriving and flourishing depends on many causes.

A bodhisattva forgoes the ultimate extinguishing of the wheel of birth and suffering,

By remaining in the world to help others on the way.


My bodhisattva vow is my commitment to helping others on the way;

To help others:

††††††††††† To be relieved from their torment;

††††††††††† To be free of upset;

††††††††††† To be peaceful;

††††††††††† To be wise, compassionate and understanding;

††††††††††† To be open to the light of awakening.

††††††††††† To become bodhisattvas.


Thatís why I even write these verses:

To help you on your way.

Peace be with you, as well as wisdom, compassion and understanding.

Be open to the light of awakening,

And join me to help all sentient creatures be relieved from their suffering.