Reason, emotion, compulsion or destiny,

Which leads us to our fate?

Do we really have a choice,

To live the life so great?


We often use our choice,

To move us toward the good.

As if it were so sacred,

To do just what we 'should'


Morality is the schema,

That disciplines our life.

Moving from a world of frenzy,

That guides our life to strife.


We see those higher principles,

that ought to guide this choice.

Morality helps us through those trying times,

As superego's voice.


We feel the obligation,

To choose the best we know,

But as if it were compulsion,

We let the reason go.


Is not an archer more successful,

If he knows which way to aim?

Will not our morals help,

To guide much the same?


Quality seems the goal,

For one or for the all:

Sanctity of the Beauty of life.

But must we all, like Adam, Fall?
















Karma, kismet, and so many things,

Wave the conductor's wand.

This symphony of life is not so simple,

As playing a chosen song.


Still we feel the force,

Of the great and mighty ,”ought”,

Full filling obligation of that voice,

Relieves what guilt does not.


For guilt is the enemy,

Of every moral being.

But it can be used to fine tune,

The best of what we're seeing.


If it arises, do not deny it,

Search out the reason why.

Put up guard from compulsion,

That blinds the moral eye.


Habits and traits, without restraints,

Will make us pay the price,

Of living without virtue,

Within a life of vice.


Virtue is the target,

Of the mora1 archer's aim;

Traits that live out ideals,

Free from guilt or shame.


Whether or not its right or wrong,

Morality has its place,

Within this world of value,

To caress sweet Beauty's face.