This most ancient of arts does deal with healing,

Medicine is the healing way;

Knowledge refined into wisdom,

Enticing the healing energies to play.


Diagnostics allows us to understand,

What is happening and why;

Examination, question and evaluate,

To uncover a pattern of symptoms and signs.


Thus we can see clues that cause the imbalance,

And apply Therapeutics to bring about homeostasis.

Fine tuning the life towards health and harmony,

So the person can stay with us.


Through Prognostics, nature’s path is predicted,

So our choices can be aligned with our vision;

If nature cooperates and the person does too,

Disease can find remission.


A Life is most likely to succeed,

When it appreciates the value of existence;

Otherwise it becomes self-defeating,

Sabotaging the healing with resistance.


Nurturing and strengthening is preferable to potions,

While pills and potions are preferable to the knife;

Surgery is preferable to death,

Caring is the most important cure for life.


Nursing brings about the conditions,

That do care and nourish;

Doctoring repairs the vehicle,

And provokes the life to flourish.


This way of healing will continue to evolve,

As we learn, gain skill, and pray;

For medicine is the wisdom of our species,

The caring, repairing and encouraging way.