Action reaction:

repercussions played from karma;

Self-impact on destiny,

as we're acting out our dharma.


When we act, we set in motion,

the force of our vibration;

It echoes back upon ourselves,

as a subtle cosmic sensation.


Fate may take us in the end,

and our fallible will may fail;

Error may stump our intellect,

or our aching heart may ail.


Yet, as the thunder follows lightening,

and the cart burdens down the ox;

Reaction follows action,

as a wave of karmic shock.


Each role we play, willed or not,

a good or bad done deed;

Bears its fruit from its forbears,

planted as a karmic seed.


Just as a tree sets free its fruits,

expecting nothing in return;

A detached attitude sets karma free,

to let our true identity be learned.


And so as we sow, so we must reap,

and as we lie in our own made bed;

Remember the Law of Karma,

the cause of all effected.