Judge ye not that ye be judged,

for judgment does carry a burden;

A weight that none of us should bear,

of inflicting our truth when we are uncertain.

Our eyes can only see so much,

and our hearts cannot accurately weigh the right;

We are prejudiced by our own vision,

and biased by our own life's plight.

For what is right and what is wrong,

but hearsay, wishes, and perceptions;

None of which is without error, 

full of conjecture and misconceptions.

Once we have judged another, 

even if this judgment is wrong;

We blame, point fingers, try to punish, 

without helping the truth along.

Truth does not need our help,   

 though we may play part of the drama;

For truth will make finally make itself known,  

in the path of the personal karma.

And if we trust the law of karma,  

then we need not place judgment on others;

For karma will make retribution,  

and bring to justice the actions of our brothers.