Every growth and all expansion,

bring us closer to conscious liberation;

As we free ourselves from matter,

we endeavor upon initiation.


The Hall of Ignorance blinds our vision,

fixating our focus on form;

The transient, mutable and insignificant,

take precedent  when first born.


But as we mature and become more aware,

our eye's truer seeing begins;

Our growth goes beyond our bodies,

as our vision is refocuses within.


Within to see the Light of Life,

recognition of the Enlightened Way;

Ever into a brighter spectrum,

initiating power on the Rays.


Selfish motive weakens the applicant,

as does sloth and indecision;

Meditation and service empower the path,

Guiding the aspirant to the Hall of Wisdom.


When consciousness  expands to include the essential,

the energies of the soul become more apparent,

Enforced with Intelligent  love and Spiritual Will,

making  a disciple from the aspirant.


Early in initiation,  comes the Probationary Path,

as the repenting person atones to aspire;

He puts his theory into practice,

igniting with the Cosmic Fire.


The aspirant seeks to atone his character,

integrating his heart and mind with soul;

Selfish intent then giving way,

as the group's soul unity becomes his goal.


The disciple makes this work more conscious,

and unites his soul with that of the group;

Attention moves from form to force,

as he joins the divine troops.


As he achieves purity, in practice and theory,

he becomes more sensitive to the masters' vibrations;

Along comes dispassion and indifference to desires,

as responsibility  moves to group relation.


With success, the fire lifts upward,

from below the diaphragm to the heart;

His plan becomes the Plan of the Masters,

as the instinct to service does start.


The first initiation commences the way,

as the germ of the soul is vitalized;

The initiate here must discipline the physical,

as the sins of the flesh are minimized.


Gluttony, drink,  tamasic  ingestion,

must give way to sattwa's plea;

Abstinence, callisthenic and vegetarianism,

are common in attempt to succeed.


But these are not so important,

as control of the lower centers;

The willingness to obey the soul's intent,

is crucial as initiation is entered.


With the physical body aligned, the energies shift upward,

as a crisis occurs on the astral plane;

This marks the beginning of the second initiation,

when desire starts ending it's reign.


This is the Baptism into the Discipleship,

when the application of fire to water takes place;

The disciple stands on the misty battlefield of desire,

like the Kurusetra Arjuna had to face.


Through the fogs and miasms, clouded desire reigned life,

the initiate must be clear on his own dharma;

He Like Arjuna, must pick up his weapons,

to fight the samsara of karma.


A re-focus takes place into the throat,

as this chakra becomes more awakened;

Creativity joins the love of the heart,

to overcome the glamour partaken.


The light remains a flickering, and at first, unsteady,

but with time starts steadily to shine the way;

Dedication to dispassion, and devotion to love.

finally keeps desire from holding its sway.


With the third initiation, comes the great Transfiguration,

as the mental vehicle comes under control;

At last the personality is flooded with light,

as it comes under grip of the soul.


The Hierarchy calls this the first true initiation,

as the spiritual intuition can guide the thoughtforms;

The great White Lodge is recognized and paid homage,

and the Masters give advice on reforms.


Only now may the initiate safely help the race,

for it is clear that his intentions are true;

His body is pure, aligned with the soul,

and the Monad starts shining through.


With body strong and heart pure,

the mind held steady in the light;

The initiate fulfills his service,

even at the cost of his life.


The fourth initiation brings the Great Renunciation,

the Crucifixion into the sacrifice of service;

All contact with form is under his will,

which is the will of the Monadic purpose.


Now this bridge is built strong, allied the antahkarana,

which links the initiate and the Monad as One;

The Spirit flows through the person,

as the Father's Light comes through the Son.


The evolution of the man becomes complete,

as the fifth initiation takes place;

For now the man is no longer a man,

but pure spirit given to the race.


At last now his is an Adept,

a Master in the Great White Lodge;

Aware of Logoic Consciousness,

free from the cosmic mirage.