If I were the DevilÖ


If I were the devil, I might do so many things,

That could bring the world to my rule;

I could let people think it was for their own good,

Even if I treated them cruel.


I might invent some feelings of guilt and envy,

And sadness and lust and shame;

Anger, ludeness, misgivings,

Mistrust, greed and fame.


Then I could put people through all kind of torment,

And tempt them off of their path;

Make them go against all they hold as good,

Their drama could be for my laugh.


If I were the devil, I might pretend Iím a god.

And put forth a book with all the answers;

Then insist people to follow it religiously,

And to give me a good percent of their purse.


I could convince some people to work for me,

And find joy in my coin or paper;

I could get them to believe in what I want,

And to take play in my schemes and capers.


For all the world could be my stage,

And all creatures just ponds on my board;

Iíd play the game with my set of rules,

And get people to play really hard.


I could trick them, deceive them,

Tempt and tempt some more;

I could urge them to give their life to me,

And it would be me that they would adore.


It could be for my amusement,

And I could watch with delight and glee.

All life could have no value,,

Without the blessings blessed from me.


But you see, Iím not a devil,

I try to be a really nice guy;

And since Iím not a devil,

I really do have to try.


Try also to stay clear of some devil,

Who thinks that theyíre a god;

Who has some power over me,

As if I was their pond.


I wouldnít like it one bit,

So I treat others with the respect their due.

I live to honor no devil,

I live to honor you.


All life has a worth unto itself,

And shouldnít be played with, or cursed, or tempted.

We must not believe in or become a devil,

No matter how it is presented.


No one has the right to bedevil a life,

And play with us for their own amusement.

It is better to be nice and share in the plight,

And take care of each otherís attunement.


So if I were the devil, Iíd give up my old ways;

And be nice to the world and be gracious;

Iíd treat all with the respect their due,

As if all life were so precious.


One of my highest blessings is that Iím not a devil,

And I stay clear of the devilís play.

But perhaps Iím cursed to believe that by some devil,

I just think that Iím clear of devilish ways.