How could we have known?



How could we have known what life would be,

If we had died at some point, not lived?

Our life, which has manifested, would not have happened,

The here, now, would have been then.


So much has happened,

Fate has become known;

Destiny has led us to here.

We’ve seen if our hopes have occurred.


Fate and destiny behold new light,

As we ponder on our life as if death already happened.

It seems death has come too early,

Before life is fulfilled.


Yet here, now, in the moment,

We live as if we will always be.

As if consciousness and flesh are immortal.

As if our future will exist.


We can appreciate the preciousness of the moment,

Secure at least that we are;

The morrow will be whatever will be;

But it won’t be, without the succession of the here and now.


So whether or not we end up fulfilling our dreams,

And whether or not we’re immortal;

Take refuge in the fact that there is now an existence,

And a consciousness here to appreciate it.