Many things may obstruct our path,

And keep us in darkness in the midst of day.

It would do us well to study,

These hindrances that block our way.


First and primary is the not knowing,

Ignorance is the seat of the rest.

If we donít know better, itís hard to do better,

Ignorance blinds us from our best.


Then comes all the others,

Obstacles that hinder our excellence;

Like doubt, ill-will, aversion and lust,

Laziness, worry and indulgence.


Stubbornness, pride, hatred, aversion,

Meanness, abuse, neglect, perversion;

Dishonesty, unclarity, carelessness, incursion,

Apathy, blind faith, disease.


Conceit, greed, and all the bad karma,

Not to mention the very weight of existence;

So much may block us from our bliss,

Like hunger, cold, resistance.


Insecurity, unsurity, forgetfulness, sloth;

Lust, power, just getting off;

Cowardice, blame, scorn and scoff;

Ways to stumble on the way.


Is not an archer more likely to hit his target,

If he knows which way to aim?

Our intentions more likely can meet their goal,

If we know the rules of the game.


For once we know, we can draw our bow,

And take the courage to fulfill our life.

Thus we can send our arrow forth unimpeded,

Disciplined in flight.