Sacred knowledge of times past,

The wisdom of our species;

Healing is our highest hopes

To free us from diseases.


Injury, exposure, infection, decay,

Malnutrition, depression, repression;

So many causes of disease,

As the life force seeks expression.


Disease takes hold of every life,

As nature seeks a balance;

Homeostasis is the way of life,

but sometimes is inconvenient.


Diagnostic clues uncover a pattern,

Signs and symptoms lead the way;

Examine the body, pictures, labs, or tissues,

To predict natureís forces at play.


Medications and potions, incision, repair,

Advice, massage, or puncture;

A story, statistic, leading the mind,

All to hasten up the cure.


Nourish and strengthen, invigorate the body,

With fresh air, good water and food;

Be surrounded by peace, caring folks and love,

With a healthy attitude.


Seek to see the intent of the soul,

And uplift the downward focused eyes;

Inspire and encourage, the soul to live,

Towards the vision of the wise.


Unless a soul sees clearly,

One fears the path ahead;

A healing is most improbable,

When a person chooses to be dead.


Witness, understand and treat profoundly,

Always with the blessing of those in care;

Cooperate and comply with the personís values,

Respecting the sacred bond that you share.


Intervene precisely ,

Expect each to bare their own karma;

Teach the best of what seems best,

As we harmonize peopleís karma with their dharma.


And in times of war, when disease invades,

Or trauma reveals its ugly terror;

Act swiftly, completely, to the highest standard,

Without fear, bias, or error.


Do treatments that help the most

and hurt the least;

Cost reasonably,and protects the earth.

And especially, take care in healing, please.