The Ancients had a way to understand our substantial Qualities,

They called them fundamental: Blood, Fluids, Spirit, Jing and Chi.


All life has movement, and a coherent way;

The energy of integration is chi at play;


For chi is the expression of light, sound and electricity;

Magnetism, mechanics, hydraulics and all forms of energy;


The chi functions to contain and help activation;

It wards off and warms, and moves towards transformation.


Chi likes especially to keep a healthy flow;

As it courses through the meridians, and allows the organs to go.


The chi can be stagnant, empty or full;

Over exuberant, rebellious, a very useful tool.


Weakness, depression, luck-luster fatigue,

Are signs of a weak chi and low vitality.


The blood is the nectar thatís pumped by the heart;

It nourishes the organs right from the start.


When full and strong, blood enlivens the brain;

Enriches the muscles and tendons or else we feel drained.


The Blood can be empty, toxic, congested or cold;

Stagnant, exuberant, hot or too old.


For the blood does like freshness, movement andair;

It likes to be clean, good foods, and care.


Pallor and dizziness, low pressure and tired;

Are signs of a weak blood longs to be inspired.


Chi is the father that pumps blood through itís course;

Blood is the mother nourishes chiís force.


The fluids keep us bathed in protection;

Lubricating, moistening and making secretions.


Saliva, tears, sperm and enzymes,

Sebum, sweat, mucus and chyme.


These are a few of the fluids we make;

And so manyothers where liquidpartakes.


Even our joints need liquid to work,

Or else there is friction where dryness does lurk.


For fluid can run dry and set a flame;

Orcause things to swell up, when edemaís to blame.


Fluid is reflection of the state of our Yin,

and can get murky where the Yang hasnít been.


If we run dry the Yin must be nourished,

If we get stagnant, allow the Yang to flourish.


At the seat of our Consciousness, clear and bright;

Lies the Spirit, giving us sight.


The Spirit Animates us to sorrow or joy;

It even motivates us with the body in itís ploy.


Agood strong clear spirit, drives us straight down our path;

While the weak and decrepit, is depressed or in wrath.


A Spirit in balance is happy and upright,

A Spirit unsettled is unfocused and uptight.


At the core of our being is the essence called Jing;

Itís the source of development, and our aging.


Some Jing is acquired through food, love and the air;

Other is inherited, by ancestral care.


If Jing is strong, we can live a long life;

But if it is weak or drained, it shortens our plight.


A strong Jing means coherence and longevity,

A body put together well with vitality.


A weak Jing can drain us or cause malformation;

Retardation, disease and deformation.


As we age we begin to sag,

our hair turns gray and our libidomay lag.


This is because Jing is spent on our youth,

A wise one will guard Jing as much as the Truth.


For Jing kept protected will lengthen our life,

While Jing that is wasted will lead one to strife.


Whileliving remember these lifeís greatest treasures:

the Fundamental Substances which allow lifeís true pleasures.