When examining life,  and judging it's Qualities;

The Eight Principles  can help us sort through dualities.


At basis of all is the eternal Tao;

From this One came the Two, which is the Yin and Yang.


The Yin is the substantial, damp and cool;

It is where the feminine, gentle and dark  take rule.


The Yang is the force that activates the form;

The masculine, hard,  bright and warm.


The life force can be strong or excess and repletion,

or weak and deficient with too much depletion.


Our body can run hot, and other times be cold;

This firey metabolism tends to burn out as we grow old.


We must also ward off  invasion, which can be deep or exterior;

just barely on the surface or to the organs interior.


Yin or Yang, strong or weak;

Interior, exterior, cold or heat;


These are the principles to guide us with our treatment;

Do the opposite so the disease can find adjustment.