Life stays in evolution

and eternally will grow;

Dharma names our karmic direction,

of where our life should go.


Each self has its own nature,

which directs our dharmic law,

Like the laws of nature,

that directs the Self of all.


Quality takes on its form,

giving off a personal tone;

Each soul has a right,

to call his self, his own.


Tis better to play out ones own dharma,

no matter how well it is done;

Than play out another's dharma,

when our own dharma is shunned.


For as each path has a destiny,

and each destiny, a right way;

Each person has a dharma,

that guides  him through  his days.


So use the discrimination of this guide,

to discern the right way from the wrong;

Play out the timbre of your being,

to sing your dharmic  song.