Denial is more than a river in Egypt,

It is a negligent way of coping with life.

Ego’s way of putting off the true,

Rather than dealing directly with the strife.


“I didn’t do that, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t”,

these are the words of denial:

Warped attempts of displacing blame,

Avoiding a reprisal.


Its ironic how we refuse to accept,

To place blame where blame is due;

Especially when we are to blame,

For doing what we do.


We do denial to avoid the pain,

That eats at our own conscience;

It is a vain attempt to save face,

One of ego’s mechanisms of defense.


The opposite of denial,

Is to accept responsibility;

To admit and acknowledge our fault,

To the best of our ability.


Most important, do first what’s right.

Then we have nothing to deny;

That deflates denial,

Giving ego nothing to hide.