No demon, no fear, no intolerable pain,

 is worse than no life at all;

Death is Life's greatest enemy,

the  eternal nemesis of the soul.


No one can show us what true death is,

for death is known only to the dead;

No life may know what is not alive,

but life may fear death's dread.


Indeed all life seems to fear death,

the most mysterious of the unknown;

We do not even know if death is real,

or just transition to another home.


Reincarnation, heaven or hell,

 or a timeless rest in peace;

In this life we will not know,

to where life is released.


Even if consciousness takes on a new form,

then death may be just postponed;

Our soul might acquire new bodies,

until death reaps life's final moan.


Or is the soul eternal, and life unending,

as the universe moves on forever?

Perhaps only our bodies with our egos,

get buried by death together.


All we can do now is formulate beliefs,

and hope that life won't end;

Our life now is the proof of life,

more evidence than death will lend.