Cultivating Grace


When sorting through life’s great lessons,

We can get stuck from our most graceful way.

Too often we mistake this stuckness,

For where we hope to be.


We struggle for survival,

Motivated by our instinct to survive,

We get stuck surviving,


We struggle for our comfort,

Motivated by our desires,

We get stuck desiring


All paths have glitches,

When walking we will stumble;

To walk well, we must be careful

and watch how we are going.


Each step requires a cultivated grace,

One foot put skillfully in front of another;

Destiny provides us with challenges,

Challenges that could propel us with grace.


To be free from suffering, and all negative emotions,

Also requires skillful dealing with these challenges;

We can wobble out of these glitches,

By cultivating grace as our normal way.