Mind on one point,

awareness focused and still;

Concentration experiences the moment,

in the strong grip of our will.


Attachments are many,

disturbing the mind into sway;

Tempting us to distraction,

carrying our focus away.


Controlling the attention,

like a horse with the reigns;

Let go of attractions,

let the mind be constrained.


On the screen of consciousness,

thoughts and feelings are revealed.

Recognize the witness,

the knower of the field.


As the breath rides the exhale,

and comes into peace;

Detach from sensation,

and perceive the release.


Be one with the object,

subject and object are one;

Concentrations joins us with reality;

absorption has begun.


And with in that absorption,

our true freedom comes forth;

Freed from the demons,

holding back our true worth.