The Cocoon


We surround ourselves with that which is familiar,

In the apparent comfort and security of our coping.

Fear drives us to stay away from the new.

Like cowards, we spin our cocoon.


Our cocoon is weaved from our neurosis,

That lets us think that we are protected from the world.

As if we could avoid the inevitable.

As if we could avoid suffering and death.


Fear in so many forms urges us to self-protection.

We long for security, so we shut out the insecure.

Instead of being peaceful, we shield ourselves from the unrest.

Walls only hide the reality that is.


The cocoon envelops us in darkness,

Keeping us in the fear of not knowing.

So we build our houses,

Fantasize about living,

We watch the drama of others lives.

Caught up in the drama of our own.


Time has come to break forth out of the cocoon,

That keeps us walled up by the fear of not-knowing;

Recognizing our peaceful nature, tender and sweet,

We can create a fearless way

And find security in Peace.