Caressing winds breeze through the trees,

the sun shines its golden rays;

Gentley passing are the clouds,

on these promising days.


Crisp and fresh is the air,

just breathing is a high;

Fair weather bestows this taste of glory,

blessings from the sky.


Climatic conditions may turn to worse,

bringing storm, famine or heat.

The bitter cold may chill our bones,

from our hands down through our feet.


Flooding, hurricane, tornado, typhoon,

From morning to evening, midnight through noon,

It seems this cycle forever will loom.

Bringing only trouble, terror, and gloom.


The same in our hearts, where emotions can reign;

Moods move us like the weather;

Feelings set in beyond our control,

and bind our hands together.


Disease, sadness, grief, and despair,

Pain or sorrow tarnish the air;

All that comes with life does not seem fair,

When we bear witness to these storms.


Relationships may fog our eyes,

and tie us up in knots;

Our jobs may often get us down,

misting our life plots.


Fear of death can chill our bones,

more deeply than the snow;

Precious love may warm our cockles,

even when the winter wind does blow.


While sailing on the stormy seas of life,

and the winds blow you away;
Remember that fair weather lies ahead,

however harsh it be today.


And like that the rain today brings forth the water,

that nourishes the fields;

Emotions may tend our hearts,

       to bring forth a greater yield.