Aspect of our consciousness,

Where right is known from wrong;

Our Buddhi is our moral sense,

The internal gauge and nod.


On the screen of consciousness,

There is a babbling voice;

This is not the Buddhi,

The blessor of right choice.


Nor is it our feelings,

ideas or fantasy;

Rather it is the mindfulness,

Of our Reality.


The Buddhi is the compass,

That leads us to our dharma;

It appreciates the screen of consciousness,

As we’re acting out our karma.


And with this appreciation,

It points us to the Good;

The Right, the Real, the True, the Value,

The acting like we should.


When traveling down to a fork in the road,

And fate gives you a choice in the way;

Use your buddhic consciouness,

To guide you through the day.