Barefoot Doctors


Throughout all history, and all civilization,

there have been those who care;

Who nurture, strengthen, and inspire,

who have healed when we needed repair.


We call them Barefoot Doctors,

who heal with honor and skill;

Respecting all whom they touch,

Proving their goodwill.


First is a stage of aspiration,

“I’d like to learn to heal”

So the aspirant will study and absorb,

to gain good knowledge and zeal.


Concurrently they start on their own wellness,

and seek out a way to serve.

Their study of healing is supported,

by the wisdom they seek to preserve.


As they persevere,

they forge their discipline.

Apprenticing to those who have been there before,

and whose wisdom is clinically proven.


And they further discipline their own mind and body,

towards the wellness that they seek;

And service better as they gain more skill,

to make their medicine complete.


When they have the blessings of their teachers,

and their wellness is proved in their health.

Their honor is shown in the success of there service,

and they heal for need, not wealth.


Thus they become a barefoot doctor,

after aspiration and discipline succeed.

Healing and teaching those who come to them,

serving their healing needs.


There is no license needed to help,

only the covenant of  those involved.

thus a Barefoot Doctor,

helps our wellness to evolve.


And their won health shows the success of their wellness,

and the wisdom of discipline;

Their service builds faith from the community,

keeping them wanted throughout the land.


And so they pass on their mastery of healing,

and live with care and service;

This indeed is a barefoot doctor,

who heals with care and goodwill.