A laugh, a cry and most life's things,

Withhold a deeper worth,

Symbols mark these intuitive ties,

Giving hope to meaning , birth.


Expressed with artistic choseness

To understand what does stand under;

A symbol brings illumination,

Like lightening does the thunder.


Spiritual reading rightly done,

Revealed from divine grammar,

Helps us in our vision,

To see through worldly glamour.


Be attracted to the symbol,

Identifywith, its veil;

Choose the one like your nature,

So Dharma tells its tale.


Study first the exoteric,

The content of its form;

Line, color and relation,

Are importantto be learned.


Pay close attention to the feelings,

The chosen symbol houses.

To dreams, illusions, astral reactions,

And aspirations that it rouses.


Study then, the conceptual,

ideas expressed beyond the thought;

Meaning comes through meditation,

To see what's real and what is not.


Try now to grasp the hidden purpose,

And its place within the plan;

Illumination and love will come,

To help us understand.


Study last the esoteric,

And force of its vibration,

Quality is revealed,

That lends to group elation .


So meditate with these in mind,

And contemplate the hidden meaning;

They can spark the fire of intuition,

That burns the flame of reason.


And hold these steady in tines light;

Illuminated by this find:

Keep thought of service and growth in usefulness,

Forefront on your mind.


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