The Shaman's Drum


One can sense it beating on,††††

echoed in the water, fire, air and earth;

Inducing rhythm into our being,††††

breathing life into our birth.


The birth of our empowered soul,†††

enlivened by a kindred spirit;

The spirit of the great healing force,†††

is blessed to those who hear it.


The Sun can play the Shaman's drum,††††

as can the wind and thunder;

So much of nature keeps the beat,†††

less those fools who choose to blunder.


This choice may be so very subtle,††††

and the fools may seem so very wise;

Yet the Shaman's drum is not heard,††††

by those cowards who live out lies.


For the Shaman seeks to beat out Truth,††††

and his drum will gladly take you home;

If you put down the mask of your false persona,††††

and listen to his honored droan.


Onward it beats, taking you in,††††

until you're left alone;

With no-one but yourself to face,††††

with no karma you have not sown.


From within this sacred solitude,††††

unite with the forces of trust;

Bring out the angels of empowerment,††††

to do with what you must.


Now you too will beat the drum,††††

to enlist the foolish cowards;

As a Shaman of the sacred clan,††††

beat forth the healing powers.


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