Nature's Paradox



I get up to do my job,

And try to keep a smile;

I am able to be content,

Put just for a short while.


For the day does bring a graven image

Of many hearts in pain;

Problem after problem

driving us insane.


Why must we all suffer?

Is peace found in the Plan?

Are we doomed to lives of hell,

Where is the Promise Land?


We see the flowers bloom and grow,

They bring such hopes of Life;

Growing freer, without fear,

Living without strife.


Then we see the monstrous storms,

That terrorize our land;

Killing life that seems so good,

Mixing horrible with the grand.


How is it that Life can bring,

Such good mixed in with bad?

Why does nature fool us so,

Blending happy in with sad?


Perhaps it is within ourselves,

That we must find the answer,

For as long as life lives on earth,

There will be some cancer.


If we look within to find the Peace,

That is part of our own mind;

Maybe then we will realize,

That Nature truly is so kind.


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