Just when I thought I made some progress,

††††††††††† I see my ignorance;

As I learned to root and center.

††††††††††† I'm sweptinto the cosmic dance.


O mysteries of Life.

††††††††††† How can I ever know you?

Why temptus with possibilities?

††††††††††† Can we know your truth?


The human mind, my mind,

††††††††††† is blinded, lost, confused;

your mysteriesare confoundingme,

††††††††††† I have been refused.


Refused from knowing right from wrong,

††††††††††† good out shadowed by the bad;

I may never know the truth of reality,

††††††††††† oh, this is so sad.


Yet as long as I may think and be,

I will not turn away from Thee,

As long as I am alive,

I hope to use my eyes,

to witness the mysteries of LIFE.


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