How long must I suffer, O Master,

Living life with fears:

Even though I'm somewhat happy

I often shed my tears.


Even when I seem so good

I see my sinful ways ;

I long to live the Spirit,

And do as the scriptures say.


I live vain regrets of selfish want

In a life kept so impure.

How can I cleanse myself?†††††††

How can I love more?


What is it within me,

That thirsts for lust and greed;

As if it were compulsion,

To want more than I need.


You're a crystal-clear filled vessel

That reflects the way of Grace.

Me, I am polluted,

So often loosing faith.


O Master ,

Your wisdom is profound;

I am humbled by your humbleness;

Your silence is my sound.


Your will, gives me great strength,

On the path that I must climb.

Your life is my good blessing.Your peace my com fort,

And your words my sacred sign.


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