Happiness is our final Good,

The highest form of art,

Our soul's activity accord to Virtue,

And tuning of our heart.


The virtues are those traits,

That lead us towards the Good,

The purpose of our moral choice,

And doing what we should.


Our experience is tuned towards value:

The best of what we know.

Action tied with intention,

We reap just what we sow.


Wisdom is the highest virtue,

Contemplation of righteous ways;

Expressed with great expertise,

How Divinities love to play.


Happiness is not a feeling,

Nor just thought, word or deed,

But a symphony of values,

Harmonized to suit our needs.


It is not for us to judge,

Whether another is happy or sad;

At least we can gauge ourselves,

Toward the Good and away from bad.


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