Want, want, want,

And ego asks for more;

What do we really want?

What is it really for?


We all covet something,

In times of need or not.

There is another item,

We easily could have sought.


The convict covets freedom,

The poor man covets wealth;

The rich man covets power,

The sick man covets health.


The ugly covet beauty,

The old age covet youth;

The young covet maturity,

The wise ones covet truth.


There is no peace when ego wants.

No release when ego taunts.

No endearing what ego flaunts,

Just covet, covet , covet.


Glamour is reflected off,

Its sheen projected forth,

Ego covets its image with want.


The object seems without Quality

unless valued by the ego;

Ego projects value and covets this projection.

Narcissistic, neurotic and self-defending,

But so common.


To covet:

To want what is not rightfully yours.

Each object has its own worth intrinsic to itself.

Unknowable, un-ownable.

The paradox



Image is projected;

Image is perceived;

Image is not always true or false,

But image is believed.


Desire conditioned habitually;

Ideas believed dogmatically.

Life led cove tingly,

Not happy with our Selves.


And so comes lust,

And so comes greed,

And so comes so many things,

We really do not need.


"Chitta vrtti nirodha":

Still the thought forms of the mind.

"Tada drastuh svarupe vasthanam":

Then the seer is established in his own essential and fundamental nature.

"vrtti-sarupyam itaratra":

In other states there is identification of the seer with the thought forms.

And thus arises coveting.


Beyond our thoughts lies the seat of Quality.

As a projector gives light form,

So does this seat shine its light onto the screen of consciousness.

There is no form without this light.

There is no covet in this light.

There is peace and joy in this light:

A state of no want.


"Oh, the value of diamonds";

No! The value's within.

There is no light with out our 'eyes' Diamonds reflect the light of consciousness. Oh, the value of our soul!

This is what we really covet.

All else is illusion--glamour.


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