With Hopes of a Happy Marriage


Marriage is transition,

From single to a pair;

Maturity in onset,

With love set in the air.


The earth revolves around the sun,

As with girls and guys;

All things have their counterparts,

Indeed, nature truly is so wise.


Two people with two hearts,

Come to join as one;

With hopes to start a happy home,

Their family has begun.


No longer are they separate,

Their lives are now entwined;

Moving towards a common fate,

With destinies aligned.


How rare it is that true love comes,

Especially today;

Friendships seem to come and go,

But true love stays always.


Such Beauty shines from this love,

A splendor to behold;

Guiding lights that clear the way,

A blessing for this world.


What fruits will come from this love,

A bloom that spreads its seed;

A seed that bears its fruit again,

A love that we all need.


Letís take this time to look around,

At our family and our friends;

May you have the very best,

With a love that never ends.


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