When we met, I knew at once,

Our hearts would grow together;

Now that we have found this true,

Let's bind our hearts forever.


"This seems rash", you may, ask,

" We've only barely met;

We re much too young,

we've just begun,

To let our lives he set."


I don't mean in marriage,

For that, you are quite right;

I mean in our friendship,

This should be our plight.


''Tell me then, what is a friend,

In which way should we grow?

That is if we have a choice,

to make a voice,

In how our fate will go."


A friendwill strike a feeling,

That moves us deep inside;

Bringing us security,

Of the familial kind.


From a love that's born in intimacy,

And nurtured like a baby,

Enraptured friends find Quality ,

Finer than a Mercedes.


Like a song in harmony,

Where each note finds its chord,

The hearts of friends vibrate complete,

Within the heartbeat of the Lord.


Friends have a kind of chemistry,

Whose reactions precipitate Love;

Emotions have a kind of texture,

Shared like a pair of gloves.


Some "friends" are acquaintances,

We [now from casual talk;

Others are relationship ,

With whom we take our walk.


Some friends share a common tie,

Times shared happy or in strife,

Others come in friendship,

In hopes to gain a wife.


Those friends cared for so much,

And loved much like our own selves,

Reach an understanding,

About the value of true wealth.


For, from all the things that mean a lot,

True friendship ranks up high;

You know I want you as my friend,

This gives; the reason why.


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