Wedding Vows


Today we come here to offer our lives to each other, in a ceremony of love:

Our hearts seek a union, Our spirits join hands,

Our hope is for marriage, Our vision is grand.

Our family is planted,Our seed takes root in the ground;

Our parents' lend us their blessing, for the vows we now sound.

In this ceremony, our words are our prayer;

To respect and to honor,

To vow that we care.

First we must give thanks, to our family and friends;

All who have come here, or could not attend.

For no seed can bear fruit, were it not for fathers and mothers,

No life can live long,unless nurtured by others.

Mom and Dad, Sister, Brothers

Good friends and relatives:

Without you there would be no wedding, for you are our heritage;

Without you we are alone, unworthy of marriage.

But with you, we are comforted, blessed and secure;

Embraced by your graciousness, we will surely endure.

So witness our union, that we will share now,

As we enter in marriage, we take this vow:

I take this lady:

To be my lawfully wedded wife;

To honor and respect,

our seed of love,

and vow to share my life.

I, take this man,

To be my lawfully wedded husband;

To love and cherish,

our life together,

I vow to give my hand.

These rings, we offer as symbols:

of the union of our newly joined heart,

of the harmony of our loving souls,

of the family now to start.

From this day forth, we are as one, in hand, in word and deed:

We honor and cherish, respect and love, our union as a seed.

We hope one day our seed bears a sweet fruit,

And flowers in the light of our wishes;

We hope our seed blooms in a good faith,

And blossoms in peace, with love and kisses.


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