Vanity is a goddess,

Who fell from humbled grace;

Narcissus knows her well,

He shares in her disgrace.


Their wordy pride has gone extreme,

puffing up their self-esteem,

Giving them neurotic dreams,

That their beauty is unique.


They place form in front of value,

And image in place of truth;

Their egos are inflated,

To think that they own youth.


Their clothing wears a price tag,

And their deeds a self-conceit;

Their nature is so arrogant,

They make us all feel cheap.


Their whole effort is in vain,

Putting other life to shame,

Self-respect has gone insane,

No modesty at all.


Oh, so self-defending,

They know what's right and wrong,

Their art work is perfection,

Their body built so strong.


Best friends with their rearview mirror,,

No compliment s too good;

They think our lives are their keepsake,

To do with as they would.


They forget:

Each person has their virtue,

Given them with birth,

Five billion people live on this planet,

Each with equal worth.


And that no note alone can sing a harmony,

No matter how sweetly it is sung;

They cannot perceive true beauty,

Caught up in self-love.


So Narcissus and Queen Vanity,

See now your insanity?

Live please for humanity,

and share your love with others!††

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