Control out of control

Scourge of humanity

Sad reality of our species

Tyranny haunts our souls

As we long for freedom


Political tyranny keeps us oppressed

To the hopes of one or a few

Tyranny of the majority

Can also dominate the minority

Inflicting value rather than nourishing it


Religious tyranny keeps us oppressed

To the faith of a particular belief

Tyranny of the church

Can reign over the beliefs of others

Inflicting dogma rather than exemplifying it


Family tyranny keeps us oppressed

To the rule of the ancestral influences

Tyranny of the parents

Keeps the children from being creative

Inflicting respect rather than proving their own


Personal tyranny keeps us oppressed

To the interpretation of its own particular way

Tyranny of the ego

Keeps the personality from spiritual intent

Inflicting fear rather than the way of grace


Indeed tyranny has infiltrated our lives

At every point along this journey

Its oppression blinds our liberation

Its ubiquity almost makes our freedom seem like a dream

Awaiting our sobering attention


Awaken now to behold the continued need

To demand freedom on every dimension

Amongst our leaders and lawmakers, judges and voters

Amongst our priests and rabbis and preachers

Amongst our mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, children and friends

Amongst our thoughts and feelings and aspirations and actions

Let us liberate ourselves and each other

And declare our independence from tyranny

the eternal foe of the cooperative and peaceful way


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