A Fatherís job is wisdom,

And this youíve proved so true;

Your beauty is our beauty also,

Your wisdom is ours too.


Our family has such harmony,

Youíre the conductor with his wand;

Weíre the symphony of the highest music,

An instrument of God.


Itís good to know that you care,

Guiding us from despair;

Guiding lights are so rare,

Your life shows us the way.


We take this day to take praise,

And enjoy your saintly life;

Your life is good, weíre glad you live it;

And that you took your wife.


Happy Fatherís Day from all the kids,

And those of us who care;

We love you Ďcause your love for us;

Itís good to know youíre there


From kites and toys, and childish ploys,

To adults who have now grown;

Youíve helped us through so many things,

We thank you for our home.


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