The Word


All that I hear is a myth.

Words are only a story;


“Fact”, “truth”, “real”,

Even these are only words


In the beginning there stirred consciousness,

from “That”, aroused the word.

In the beginning there were no words.

Words cannot describe “That”.


Meaning is there,

but meaning is not the word.

The word is not the thing!

The word reflects a precious intent of our soul;

The import of the intention is not the word.


Poems, songs, books and discussion,

arouse such feelings and thoughts;

Words can trigger these,

but feelings and thoughts are not words.


We have words for God, Spirit, soul and happiness.

Profundity can be implied by words;

Words can bring hope,

but hope is not words.


Words are muddled reflections of a speck of consciousness.

A dim light in that void of darkness.

A glimmer of meaning, hope, feeling or thought.

Our lifeline to sharing our vision.

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