The Wind


Blowing, whirling, stuff of our breath;

The cause of the weather,of life and death;

Carrier of clouds, of airplanes and jets;

Is the invisible force ofwind.


The medium of song, and source of our voice,

The word can take meaning, and for this we rejoice;

Yet the evil influence of infection rides in on itís choice,

For the wind has a mind of itís own.


Mighty trees do bend and can snap in itís grip;

Even the oceans are stirred up as the wind does rip;

Fire get inflamed and the cold wind does nip;

Yet we know it only by itís effects.


We canít quite touch it, though we certainly feel it;

We canít quite see it, though movement reveals it;

We canít even smell it, though fragrance relies on it;

Just what is this phenomenon called wind?


Molecules moving from hot to cold;

The voice of the spirits, young and old;

No explanations explain it, no matter how bold;

For the wind is beyond our words.


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