Sneaking by, getting away what they can,

Lying, sleazing, full of demand;

It's never their fault, they're their own biggest fan,††††

††††††††††† These are the pretenders.


Using words to deceive, they try to confuse,

And place the blame on the very ones they use.

But when asked for help, they serve their excuse,††††

††††††††††† Revealing their selfish intent.


Seeming quite normal, and oft times look better,

Attracting the ladies, and sometimes he gets her;

Or seduces a man to impose marriage's fetter,††††

††††††††††† even abusing the sanctity of love.


Thus pretending through life, a show of their ego,

An act on stage, or a game of stratego,

Who they really are, we probably will never know,††††

††††††††††† because they aren't real people.


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