The Mystery of Sleep



Now I lay me down to rest,

Of all the things Iíd like to keep,

Is the ability to see in deep,

Into where we go in sleep.


In my dreams I gallivant,

Of all the places that do enchant,

Is that silent space that is vacant,

Empty of egoís awakening.


Where do I go in deep sleep?

Why cannot my consciousness see?

Do I just forget myself,

Or do I ceaseto be?


The phenomenon of sleep is as vast as the oceans,

Experience with different rules.

Even gravity, morality, and karma is different,

It seems so real it fools.


Especially the deepest of sleeps,

I have no clue where I go or have been.

Sleep is the most mysterious of mysteries,

Making reality much more uncertain.


And sometime soon, on my eternal voyage,

Perhaps Iíll be in sleep forever;

At least familiarity with the silent space,

May help keep my soul together.

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