Thank You to the Midwives


Guardians of the most sacred wisdom,

Encourager of a safe andloving birth.

Midwiveshave kept our species alive,

even while not honored by your worth.


Called witches and charlatans,

burned at the stake and exiled:

Tortured, libeled, and slandered,

abused and beguiled.


Yet you have persisted,

because your wisdom is true;

You insist, birth is a natural process,

that most women can do.


And so you empower our women,

to meet the challenge of delivery;

Nourish and strengthen,

applying skill andsome trickery.


Your skills have been proven,

in the survival of us all.

Your hope is determined,

in your heart, hands and soul.


So let us be clear, now.

And declare our appreciation;

Thank you dear midwives,

for your sincere dedication.


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