Once the goddess Venus laid naked on my bed,

I said, "I'm sorry Venus we've things to do instead."


"What could he much better", she asks, "this seems to me quite odd;

I am the greatest lover, the goddess of the gods."


"I make love with no one, whose Virtue is unproved;

Even you, sweet Venus, goddess of all youth,"


"This seems to me so arrogant, to save yourself for her,

who lives the life of modesty, and whose Virtue is for sure."


"Nothing is for sure", I said, “and arrogant I'm not;”

“I hope only for love to have meaning, not found in a one night shot."


"First we must come to know each other, and how our lives are enhanced;

Virtue will then bring out our love coupled with true romance."


"For this kind of love comes naturally as welled up from a spring;

If forced upon us too soon, who knows what Fate will bring."


"Let's take it slow, so we may know the love born from our hearts;

Then we may find, the highest kind, of love right from the start."


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