Spiritual Materialism


I have metthe Buddha on the road;

I have personal relationship with Jesus;

I am one of the chosen ones.


I have read all the scriptures, and know the Pope himself;

I had lunch with the Dalai Lama;

I am worthy of the most highest blessings.


I can meditate for days on end, fast and be silent;

I know chi kung, tai chi, and yoga,

My master was the most masterful of all.


I know the way, the truth and the light,

This way is the Way;

All I know is I know nothing.


I eat no meat,

I step on no bugs,

I speak only kind words,

I would hurt no one.


I give thousands to charity;

I give my time;

My karma is clean;

I never cheat, lie or steal.


Still none of this guarantees entrance to heaven;

Still none guarantees enlightenment;

All these are attempts to justify samsara.

These are egoís spiritual materialism.


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