So Divinely Human


You have that kind of beauty,

††††††††††† That Venus longed to have;

So graceful and appealing,

††††††††††† It makes the gods go mad.


Yet you have a subtle modesty,

††††††††††† That puts us all in ease;

Propriety incarnate,

††††††††††† With the willingness to please.


You share a kind compassion,

That puts us all in ease;

A healer par excellence,

††††††††††† Releasing us from pain.


Your hands take heed to render,

††††††††††† To fill our hearts with love;

Like a blessed goddess,

††††††††††† Whoís inspired from above.


And though you shine this divine beauty,

††††††††††† Your human side is clear;

Reminding us of our earthly path,

††††††††††† With its laughter and its tears.


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