Just as desire is an instinct of our bodies,††††

service is an instinct of the Soul;

An urge toward group righteousness,††††

as the Spirit does unfold.


Love is the glue that binds the group,††††

and the tool of all who serve;

Rendering Beauty unto the beloved,††††

even those who are undeserved.


The server's plan is the Divine Plan,††††

lending aid were aid is due;

Blending insight and Wisdom and hopes of Grace,††††

with strong effort and courage too.


Selfishness gives way to selflessness,††††

when service takes place of greed;

Sacrifice becomes a Law of Life,††††

providing for those in need.


Yet, one must take care not to fall in the trap,†††

laid by glamours that encloud the Path;

Even altruism may by selfish,†††

if the fruits bear attachment's cruel wrath.


Only by taking heed to the soul's impulses,††††

does the servant serve the Way;

Only by serving the highest Truths,††††

does the soul shine its Golden Ray.

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