Sea of Love, Ocean of Samsara


Feeling the hearts of my brothers and sisters,

I know there is suffering;

Of what use is it to live,

With such effort and pain?


Because there is joy, playfulness, and fun,

There is the possibility of peace and the search for the great contentment,

Understanding and appreciation.


Never to forget, the immortal ignorance

That gives doubt to the truth:

Selfishness, neglect, prejudice and hate.


Ah, but love, the arrow of cupid,

The finest of elixirs,

Sweet nectar of life,

And that which seeds the fruits of our family.


Yes, loveóour deepest attachment, greatest bondó

Our contract with our species;

Blinding us with amazing beauty,

Binding us with our beloved.

Our hope.


Incur the risk and letís swim in this sea of love;

What choice do we have?

We drown together or swim to distant shores;

All living carries with it a risk.

Together, then, let us swim or sink,

Within the vast sea of love,

ocean of samsara.


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