Rainbow People


All people, all nations,

all tribes and all creeds;

Brothers and sisters,

mothers and fathers,

sons and daughters;

All Good people of the world:

Welcome home to the Rainbow!


Like light thatís split into the spectrum,

People of the Rainbow are rays of every color;

They come from every walk of life,

and go forth in peace and hope.


Intention to heal, care and help;

Intention to protect all from suffering.

Intention to bring all together in tolerance and cooperation.

Intentions to share in the Beauty that Life can offer.

These are the intentions of a Rainbow person.


Self-determined like a butterfly sipping nectar,

while pollinating the world with spores of love.

Guided by a sense of duty.

To simply do what seems right.


And when unclear of the righteous way,

they council to consense the Way;

Allowing each to shine their light.

Permitting the wisdom of the group to honor the truth.


Our ancestors give us their blessings,

They have led us here.

Rainbow people come and gather;

Hold hands and chant the most high.

Be in love and peace and harmony.

Rainbow Gatherings are our specieís hope.



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