All of Nature has a Way,

Reflected in all movement;

Qigongs are techniques

That harness Nature’s fervent.


Within us flow these subtle forces,

The ancients called them “Qi”.

Qi is the energy source,

Behind all vitality.


A “gong” is a skill that’s gained,

Techniques used for a hopeful end;

Gongs are forms of experience,

Manifesting our true wisdom.


Some Qigongs are used for health reasons,

And for the martial arts;

The wise ones use them spiritually,

So the whole controls the parts.


Some qigongs are hard and external,

Building strength into the muscular charge;

Others are soft and whip-like,

Using the tendons to discharge.


Some qigongs transform the elements,

Internally stirring the alchemical mixtures;

Using intention to lead the Qi

into the organs’ precious elixirs.


Imagination is the key,

To lead the Qi to the channel that’s due;

Consciousness must open the gates,

For the Qi to go flowing through.


First there must be a sturdy root,

To ground the Qi with a base of stability;

Moved then through the center with balance,

The Qi can show its ability.


Its ability to heal or lend power,

Or to awaken us to hithertofore unseen insights;

Qigong is the tuning of our being,

To reach the furthest heights.


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