On and On, In and Out


Left alone with myself, thoughts come wandering by

I linger on one or two, and move on


Memory, fantasy, idea, feeling, again and again

Floating in and out of consciousness


And deep sleep, the forgotten land

Place where we forget that we are


On and on, awake and asleep, in and out of awareness

Caught up in the drama of my perspective


Clutching on to the moment to savoir now’s bouquet

I project myself on the world and manifest a dream or intention


Swept into destiny’s current, adrift into unstoppable momentum of karma

Ego thinks that I can harness this force, play it out


On and on, in and out of control, creating and being created

Swaying on the willed and what will


And now, at least for even a moment, I can appreciate the beauty of this great symphony

At least this piece is being played


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