O radiant splendor that lends light to the Soul,

Humble my arrogance

that blinds the vision of the shining Self

and veils the formless with form.

Immersed in the ocean of despair that comes with

the glamours of desire and the illusions of misconception,

I seek freedom from my personality-imposed conviction

to the jail of my life

That I have been condemned by myself and fate to live.

"Detachment", "Discrimination", "Meditation",

†† say the Masters;

Yet these seem so far with a mind like mine:

†† Tempted by the covetable,

†† As unclear as a foggy morn,

†† And more unsettled than a mucky pond.

Beat true, O precious heart, for the Sun doth shine,

†† though it may seem hidden by the clouds of glamour,

†† that rain tears of sorrow into my life;

There is light! For not all is darkness, and indeed,

†† as the Sun brightens the night with morning,

So too does the Soul promise to enlighten my sorrow with Joy.

And as the rain clouds bring such fear of gloom,

†† yet bring nourishment to the soil,

†† preparing the plants for the Sun;

So too does glamour nourish the heart,

†† germinating the seeds of Joy,

†† allowing the rays of the shining Self

†† to feed my fruits as they grow towards the heavens.

In this growth, see clear the light,

†† discriminating it from darkness;

Let the seeds grow for the own sake,

†† detached from their fruits;

And meditate on that which emanates from the shining Self,

†† for where there is light:



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